DVF Studio, New York, USA
July 24 - August 5, 2001
Solo exhibition

Clang’s Backs, the first installation at DVF Studio, expresses the artist’s intrigue with exploitation. The strength of this installation lies in the ambiguity of the moments captured on film, where the process becomes as important as the images, if not more so. The aesthetic of the images was consciously chosen by the artist to mimic the prettiness of fashion, which is closely related to the process explored here, given the venue. The shapes in the abstract images are frozen fragments of exploding balloons. Even though familiar with the bursting of a balloon, we are unable to recognize such destruction.

A video projection of Michele Hicks onto a white mattress, disrobing, gives further insight into a manipulative and exploitative process that form the backbone of this project.

Backs is Clang’s first exhibition in America and has been made possible by the generous support of Diane von Furstenberg and Ingrid Sischy.